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L.R.A., Highland Pk, IL
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Janice Scalzo

I can not express enough how I enjoy your superior performances and interpretation of the myriad of characters you bring to life in the audio books I have listened to.  I was not familiar with your works until I picked up one of Lisa Scottoline's outstanding "Benny Rosato" stories and realized I loved it so much because of your flawless characterizations!!  Now, instead of looking up the author of a book, I will search you as the narrator and "listen" to only the books that you bring to life.  You are truly gifted and I just needed to let you know that you have another number one fan!!! 

Janice Scalzo

Dear Barbara,
Some people go through an author's entire collection of offerings, mesmerized, intrigued, enchanted by the way the author weaves the tale, explains the facts.  I am going through the entire collection of Barbara Rosenblat's audio books because your voice lulls me, caresses me, soothes me, brightens my ride to work, to the grocery store, to the doctor.  Any of the tonalities, all the characters, they just take on a new light when their life is in your voice.

With my deepest respect, I can say that I am carried off to sleep in the arms of Barbara Rosenblat, and, from where I sit, it's a comforting place to be.

From a loyal and true admirer, thank you for simply being the storyteller in my lifetime.  You have added a richness to my days.
--Giselle Chamiz

"I simply can not get enough of the books that Barbara Rosenblat speaks on - she takes my breath away. I feel as tho I know her -- she truly captures every feeling I have inside of myself through her reading. I don't know how she does it -- but she certainly does 'DO IT!!' Ms. Rosenblat makes every book dynamite and you never want it to end!!! What a voice!!! Never let her go!!! You have everything when you have her!! As long as she reads -- we SHALL listen" -- Fay

"I've been a fan without realizing it from the Amelia Peabody mysteries. Then I listened to a couple of the Amanda Quick books and I was struck by your [Barbara's] amazing ability to narrate sympathetically while still keeping tongue in cheek. Looking forward to many more books" -- Heather Calvert

“On ‘The Queen and I’ by Sue Townsend - I would gladly listen to the History of Dirt if it were narrated by Barbara Rosenblat" -- A listener

"[Barbara] you are my favorite narrator -- I think I would enjoy listening to the telephone book if you read it...." --Caroline Stevens

On the above comment by Caroline Stevens: "I have to agree with an earlier comment by Caroline Stevens who said 'I think I would enjoy listening to the telephone book if you read it." Your versatility astounds me. Thanks! -- Gail Wine

"She [Barbara] is just super! I have also heard her do the V.I. Warshawski books. She is so convincing and so superior at changing from one character to another. Bravo Barbara" --KD

"After listening to two Amelia Peabody novels, a Victoria Bliss adventure, and The Queen and I, I am convinced that "Barbara Rosenblat" is a collective noun. Your tapes and binders seem to imply that "Barbara Rosenblat" is a real person. Hah! I know better - she doesn't really exist as an individual, only as a convenient catch-all name for ten or twenty most gifted narrators. Seriously, I want you to know that I enjoy her readings very much. I look (listen?) forward eagerly for another book read by Barbara Rosenblat" -- L.R.A., Highland Pk, IL

"Dear Barbara,
For several months my husband and I have been listening to the Mrs. Pollifax books as we drive to work. We are so impressed by the wonderful style of your reading! Not only do you make Emily sound just as we picture her, but you somehow manage to change your voice for every character! Weather it be a gypsy queen, and Albanian general, a Turkish freedom fighter, a Chinese tour guide, Cyrus, Carstairs, or an African Policeman, the reader can "see" each character through the subtle changes in your inflection, accent or dialect. We're so glad that you were chosen to read ALL of the Mrs. Pollifax books. (At lease I hope you were, as we are only up to the China Station; we're trying to listen to them in the order they were written.) ... Thanks again for the fun and enjoyment which you give to your listeners." --Linda B, NJ

"Ms. Rosenblat, I just wanted to thank you for your excellent recordings of Dorothy Gilman's 'Mrs. P.' books. So many of my customers (I own an audio book store in Tulsa, OK.) and I have enjoyed these books. We have had customers who, by reading the synopisis of the book, weren't very interested in the series. After a few visits and a few minutes of my employees and myself badgering the folks we finally convince them to try the first one, "The Unexpected Mrs. P." After that they are hooked. Maybe you should strike up a deal with Recorded Books or Dorothy Gilman and get a commission on every title sold or rented. The book's content sells them but equally so does your narration. You are definately tops in our books here..." -- K. Matt Bean

"I work in the Seattle area but have a 2 hour trip (including a ferry ride). I have become a BIG fan during the driving time -- I really look forward to the time alone with recorded books. Since I work at a library I can request everything in the system done by Barbara Rosenblat. Anyone just doesn't measure up! I have one Peters and one Gilman in the car and I insisted that my daughter hear an excerpt from each -- love all the accents" -- Judith Rice

"Dear Barbara: You have the coolest Canadian accent, your recording of Deja Dead was great with all the different accents and characters. Great job! Keep up the good work! -- A Fan

"I just finished listening to the two Lisa Scottoline books. your readings delighted me. I chuckled and laugh out loud. Thanks for the pleasure" -- K. Montgomery

"I have been a fan of yours and "Amelias" for a number of years and whenever I can't find anything that I want to listen to, I go back to these as well as The Shell Seekers which, is my favorite. Those characters could not speak in any other voice to me. Thank you so much for your gifted teamwork with Recorded Books." -- Tony Whitney

"I now look for Barbara's name when I do a search for library books. She has given me so many happy hours. Keep them coming and Thanks" -- Anne Drayton

"I am always pleased to pick up an audiobook and discover Barbara had narrated it. I stated I would like more science fiction/fantasy on audiobooks. If it's there, our library's selection is poor. Our mystery selection is excellent, so I'm sure the audiobook buyer is a mystery fan. I do think that Barbara's voice is perfect for the Erma Bombeck books. The first time I heard one of those, I thought maybe it WAS Erma. She was a favorite of mine when she was still in Dayton, and Barbara seems to get her tones the same way I think of them" -- Vicki Crom

"I drive an hour to and from work 5 days a week. Recorded books have helped me keep my sanity, and some of the readings have almost sent me off the road! However do you keep a straight face? Thanks for all the wonderful entertainment."
-- Bernadine Lichliter

"Long time listener, first time caller... Thank you so much for all you've done to make my life more interesting and enjoyable. It was only the pleasure of listening to your renditions that enabled me to survive a long, monotonous, and boring data entry job while I was in school. Most of all, I think I loce your performance for Elizabeth Peters and Amanda Quick. How ever do you manage to read some of the um... intersting scenes out loud, in character, without laughing out loud? I can't listen without doing so." -- Renee Goethe

"I am an avid fan of yours. You absolutely make audio listening a wonderful experience! I became an audio listener about 2yrs. ago and have been through some 500 novels. I feel like its the natrualists prozac. Honestly, your narrations are the best and it definitely makes or breaks the book. You put so much in to your reading, I can only [imagine] how difficult it must be. On screen or theater there are gestures and visual effects, but narration would be so much more difficult. You have brought so many characters to life for me.... Thanks so much for shareing your exquisit talent" --Phyllis Smilack

"Barbara is easily the most talented artis I have ever had the honor of working with." -- Paul T.

"I just "read" my first book on tape in August and am now working my way through the E. Peters books. Your voices run through my head when I am falling asleep. I am really hooked. I can't wait for the Ape who Guards the Balance." -- Loretta Gainor

"I have been a fan of yours for the past several years, and have listened and relistened to several of the Elizabeth Peters books. My library does not carry all of the Amelia Peabody books on tape, so when I have to read one, I can actually hear the voices you have created for each of the characters as I read along. I have also enjoyed your versions of the Sarah Paretsky novels the best. You are my all time favorite narrator. Keep up the good wonderful work" -- Jeannie Martinez

"I thought I first heard Barbara Rosenblat in the Diane Mott Davidson books and then heard her again on Nevada Barr. When I was listening to an Elizabeth Peters book I hadn't "read", I suddenly reconized something in the voice and, sure enough, it was Barbara Rosenblat. I had no idea I had been listening to her for years wiht Mrs. Pollifax, Vickie Bliss, and Amelia Peabody. That's when I decided to look for a web page. I am a real fan. -- Penny Peticola


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